About Seed4.Me VPN

Seed4.Me VPN is leading VPN service provider specializing in network security.

Our mission is to provide secure and unrestricted access to the internet.

Our History

  • Seed4.Me VPN has more than 30 locations March 2019

    Seed4.Me VPN cluster grew up to 150 servers in 30 different locations.

  • Desktop Application for Mac OS June 2018

    Desktop Application for Mac OS is released enabling all Mac users easily connect to Seed4.Me.

  • Seed4.Me VPN Available for All December 2017

    Seed4.Me Private VPN Club becomes Seed4.Me VPN service and the invitations are removed.

  • Desktop Application for Windows November 2017

    Desktop Application for Windows is released providing more secure and private Internet on PC.

  • Android Application in Amazon Store November 2015

    Android application is released to Amazon Store.

  • Android Application in Google Play August 2015

    Android application is released to Google Play. The number of locations grew upto 15.

  • iOS Application Released June 2014

    Seed4.Me application for iPhone and iPad is released with two additional locations UK and Hong Kong.

  • Seed4.Me Private VPN Club Is Launched January 2013

    Website and the first two VPN locations in the US and Netherlands are launched.